Sunday, 30 March 2008

Free Template Tips

What Not To Do
The trick of course to saving your Widgets of course is never delete them, which means do not use the upload button in your Beta Template section and if you ever see the scary warning that Widget are about to be deleted, cancel whatever you did immediately.

The Correct Way
So, if you can't upload your template straight into Beta what should you do?

1) Make sure you template is in Expanded Widget mode.

2) Find your widgets and copy them from the to the very next , put it in your text editor or something for use later. Make sure you get all your widgets, you don't need to copy your header or body widgets as they are suppose to be universal across all templates

3) Open the template you want to switch to and delete your old template (back it up first if needed) and paste your new template into the edit HTML section

4) Find where you want to put the widgets, most commonly sidebars, and paste the widget code you had earlier between the and , this is very important.

5) Preview your template to make sure everything look good, save it and you are done!

I know this is probably a lot more work than you would do otherwise, but it save a lot of time if you have to type all your links over again.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Free Template With Blogspot

Get free template blogger at this sites :

Blogger Templates
Templates to download and install. Hacks, tips and links geared to Blogger.

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Free Blogger Templates, High Quality Blogger Templates
All Blogger templates are Free, 2 or 3 columns with good design and standard style! special for Blogger (blogspot).

Making A 3 Column Template

Since New Blogger, and the Pick New Template wizard, was launched, many bloggers have been wishing for a 3 column template. So far, Blogger hasn't provided us with one. There are several web sites that offer templates, and some 3 column templates, but using a third party template isn't always a great solution.

Fortunately, making a 3 column template from a 2 column template isn't all that hard to do.

This is probably as easy as importing a pre coded template. Note that this example uses a Minima template, in mint condition. Most standard Blogger templates, in mint condition, should be pretty similar, though templates that stretch will need a different (and actually simpler) technique. If you've tweaked the Header code, or added main or sidebar objects, you'll deal with some variances. But you'll go through the same challenges if you import a pre designed template, and more.